Storytelling copy sells. Let’s create some!

Hello, lovely! I’m Anna Henke aka The Resident Writer, and I help inspired female entrepreneurs use storytelling to create superb sales copy so that they can increase their income and impact.

Right now, writing copy, meaning words that sell, is a struggle. It feels like you’re sending your message into empty space—there’s no one there to read it and, even if there were, they wouldn’t understand it anyway. You know that because you don’t even know how to talk about what you do with potential clients.

But what if you could be given the words to say? To not only have amazing, high-converting sales copy on your website and words that connect on social media but also experience the increasing income of a business with consistent clients. Imagine the confidence that will give you not just in business but in life!

Anna is a magician with words. She can take a very loose brief and dial in to what you want and speak directly to your ideal client. Grab the opportunity to work with her with both hands before she is fully booked!
— Penny Elliott, Sales and Business Coach at pennycomins.com

Your life has led you to this moment.

Your experiences make up the story bank that will make your message real to your ideal client. If you feel like you don’t have a story to tell or you’re not sure if your service will sell, it’s time to take action and get the support, encouragement, and expertise you need.

What’s your story? Are you ready to share your message with the world?