About the Resident Writer 

I believe stories cross borders to connect us, overcome objections to unify us, and inspire us to change our lives.

Hi, I’m Anna Henke aka The Resident Writer, and I help female entrepreneurs use storytelling to create superb sales copy that attracts their ideal clients and turns them from browsers into buyers.

Do you feel like no one is hearing your message? Or like the people who finding you are NOT your ideal clients?

What would it feel like to have rock-solid messaging that you know back-to-front because it’s based on your own life experiences? To have authentic, high-converting copy that is based on connection and service, not salesy gimmicks?

I can help! I launched The Resident Writer so I could help female entrepreneurs who are serious about selling revamp their online presence with storytelling copy that connects and converts.

I entered the entrepreneur space in 2018, when I left my job in the marketing department of a publisher to pursue my business full-time. It was an exciting—but also necessary—adventure.

Like many other work-from-home women, I struggle with chronic illness and have since the age of ten.

Specifically, I deal with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and migraines. This made a 9 to 5 job incredibly difficult for me.

So, I left and pursued my career, copywriting, in my own business, The Resident Writer. It was like tasting freedom for the first time.

When I started offering copywriting services, I noticed that many entrepreneurs I knew personally had no ideal client and were using conflicted messaging. I would hear horror stories from them of working with nightmare clients. I created my signature website package, Start Your Next Chapter, for these women and others like them.

Since I started offering my services in March of 2018, I’ve served over 100 clients at The Resident Writer!

My clients have seen incredible results, from an immediate increase in ideal clients (two in the week following the website launch) to a beauty business that tripled its sales (making 20k in one weekend) with a product relaunch using my storytelling product description framework.

It’s been so amazing to see my clients experience these kinds of results. I love what I do, but it’s getting to know my clients’ stories that I love best. Connection is truly one of God’s greatest gifts.


Why Choose Me ?

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and know ALL the grammar things. (Not that it really matters in copywriting!)

  • I have seven years of experience as a copywriter.

  • I have a certification in SEO through LinkedIn Learning.

  • I have spent almost $10,000 on business coaching, which you get to reap the benefits of!

  • I am currently under the mentorship of copywriter Sara Anna Powers, a wonderful woman who studies under Ray Edwards, who literally wrote the book on copywriting.

  • Brand voice is very important to me, and I will take time to learn and/or develop yours before writing anything for your business.

I know I can create incredible copy for you, built on stories that sell.

Are you ready to revamp your messaging?