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Anna Henke - Copywriter Extraordinaire

So, what qualifies me to be the copywriter you should hire? Well, aside from my winning personality, I have loads of experience as a copywriter and marketing specialist—7 years, in fact! I specialize in storytelling and sales copy, but I also have experience creating copy for every form of marketing material you can imagine, from print to digital to blogging to novelty pieces.

I love working with other female entrepreneurs. My secret sauce is finding the 5 core messages of every brand that I work with and incorporating those messages into all the content that I create. I adapt my writing to the individual brand’s voice and represent the best, most professional version of your brand.


Artisan Product Descriptions

Calling all makers! If you want to step up your sales count, I’d love to help with storytelling product descriptions that showcase your item with emotion-driven copy. The copy I create will set the MOOD, operate within your BRAND VOICE, and include powerful SEO KEYWORDS. The descriptions will also be CONCISE. No one wants their customer to get lost in a list of materials.

My key value for product descriptions is the same as it is for every piece of sales copy I create: It’s all about the transformation journey for the client. If you want your client’s child to feel like a princess in your hand-sewn bridesmaid dress, we’ll create that scenario. If you are making witchy candles that are only poured on the full moon, we’ll make it spooky and have fun with Salem. Order now, and transform your shop by creating a place for your product in your client’s lives!

RATE: $25 per description
10-PACK: $229

Anna was wonderful to work with, very kind and courteous. Anna delivered fabulous listing descriptions that were succinct yet descriptive and storytelling. She was able to capture the mood I was unable to achieve prior to hiring her. I will definitely be hiring her for more writing services in the future.
— Angela Kellsey, Uprise Jewelry

Custom Copy Services

This offering is for the individual with very specific needs. You’ve looked at all the packages. You’ve scrolled all the way down this page, and still haven’t found just what you need. Maybe you have a large website project with multiple pages. Maybe you want someone to ghostwrite an article featuring YOU for a magazine or online publication. I’m here for to help with that as well! Quotes available upon request.

Working with Anna was great. She really took the time to listen to me and understand the specific results I was looking for with my project prior to starting. After seeing the final product, she clearly met our objectives with a strategic and well-written article!
— Ashley Paul Swanson