Getting Things Done in Tough Times

Once in a while, life grabs us by the throat. Our personal life takes front and center as some major stressor seemingly assumes control. The business, meanwhile, is put on the back burner. Now, this is not a bad thing. However, sometimes we need to keep things going to keep the bills current. We need some semblance of order and reason.

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How to Create a Great Value Post on Social Media

Are your social media posts falling on deaf ears—I’m talking two likes (and one of them is your mom) and no comments to speak of? What’s the problem? Why aren’t you getting any engagement? 🧠Well, do your posts actually contain anything your follower cares about? The majority of your business posts (about 80%) should provide PURE VALUE, aka tips and advice—NOT pitching. 🤔The million dollar question is: How do you create a KILLER VALUE POST on social media? 🤔

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How to Overcome the 3 Most Common Barriers to Closing a Sale

Do you get into conversations with potential clients and find that, time after time, you just can’t close the deal? Why is that? What’s going wrong? When selling a service, it all comes down to your skills in communication and persuasion. This communication takes place through your copywriting on an introductory level and the persuasion happens in a one-on-one conversation, either online, on the phone, or in person.

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The 6 Copy Components of a Successful Service-Based Business Website

Is your website working for or against you? Think about what a loaded question this is. The most important point of contact most clients will have with you as a business owner is your website. That’s just the reality of the twenty-first century. Even if someone finds you on social media first, the purpose of that medium is to drive people to your homebase online: your website. They’ll click on the link in your Instagram profile or just Google you to do their research before taking further steps toward working with you.

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What's It Like to Work With a Copywriter? A Case Study.

If you’ve ever wondered about hiring a copywriter or are considering investing in this service, you probably have two questions: What will it be like to work with a copywriter? What is does the process entail? I can only speak for my own process, but I’m happy to share it here. Get ready, because I’m revealing all my secrets with this behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work with me one-on-one. I’m about to answer all your burning questions.

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My Favorite Branding Exercise

When most people think about branding, they think about design. I don’t. A whole lot of work needs to be done before you get to the brand look. You need to look inside and really understand your brand and your story before you can think about choosing a logo or colors.

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Dreaming Alone in a Big, Wide World

Do you get lonely as an entrepreneur? I know I do.

I’m a single copywriter who’s going on thirty, currently living in a basement apartment that sometimes feels like an abandoned island. I have roommates, but they are so busy with their own stuff that I hardly ever see them.

It’s just me dreaming and doing the work most days.

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Don't Make These Big Mistakes on Your Sales Page!

A sales page is the toughest piece of copy to write for your business. There's so much pressure! If you get it wrong, your business will literally flop.

But getting it right will set you up for success! And I mean big time. Like, living the life of your dreams traveling the world kind of success. It’s possible. There is no ceiling for online business owners.

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Why Your Brand's Voice Should Be Personal and Authentic

Many creative entrepreneurs are plagued by the same ever-present fear: My offering isn’t unique. Why would anyone buy from me? Maybe you think someone is already doing it way better than you ever could—and they’re really good at it. You’re just starting out. You’ve even had the thought: Why should I bother trying? The answer is: There’s something special that sets you apart and makes your offering different.

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