Dreaming Alone in a Big, Wide World

Do you get lonely as an entrepreneur? I know I do.

I’m a single copywriter who’s going on thirty, currently living in a basement apartment that sometimes feels like an abandoned island. I have roommates, but they are so busy with their own stuff that I hardly ever see them.

It’s just me dreaming and doing the work most days, and I regularly lose track of time. It would probably help if I had bigger windows. 😉

Seriously, though, loneliness is no joke for people like us. Oh, we are living the dream in a lot of ways. And it’s true we can connect online with people all over the world, which is amazing and wonderful.

But sometimes we just want to have an actual verbal conversation with someone—to look into their eyes and KNOW THAT THEY SEE US.


Beyond being seen, we want to CONNECT. I got back in touch with some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile this month, and it’s had such a refreshing effect on every aspect of my life:

- I feel energized to get up and actually put on jeans and makeup. 
- I feel newly inspired in my work.
- I feel like I’m part of a bigger story again—I’ll admit I got a little lost in my own for too long.

All it took was one dinner.

TODAY, I CHALLENGE YOU TO REACH OUT AND ARRANGE A CATCH UP. I don’t care if you talk about business, but you must talk face-to-face. Care for yourself with this easy-to-arrange reminder that you and your dreams are part of a big, wide world.

If you’re seeing this today, I’d love to hear in the comments how you get through times of loneliness.

Be brave. Reach out. Be heard.

P. S. This amazing photo of me was taken by Mallory Macdonald Photography . . . many, many moons ago!