Sell The Destination, Not the Journey

Marketing and sales are all about storytelling. You’re not just selling a product or service. You’re selling the transformation your client is going to receive by buying what you’re offering!


Think about the last time your friend went on vacation: Did she tell you more about the plane ride or the fabulous hiking she enjoyed once she got there?

Your sales and marketing should follow the same narrative!

So many people focus more on what their program or service contains than the benefits and results. Don’t make that mistake!

As you create marketing, social media, and website copy with a sales focus, be sure to go all out and get specific with the benefits. Give examples! Create your client’s dream result with your words!

Sure, you need to say what the program or service entails, but that should never be the bulk of your copy.

Figure out where your client wants to be. Then show how your service will take them there—and beyond!

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