Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Hire a Copywriter for Your Business

I've been talking to women lately about messaging for their business. And I just had to write this post, because I truly believe this.

Marketing without rock-solid, laser-focused messaging that is authentic to your brand is useless. You’re literally throwing money out the window. 

These women tell me that they plan to hire a copywriter when they get further along, and I have to hold myself back from telling them that decision is the reason they're stuck.

Without messaging that directly communicates who you are, what you offer, and how it delivers your ideal clients dreams with a shiny bow, it's like you're whispering in a crowded room where everyone is having their own conversation. 

With clear messaging that sets you apart, people take notice. The conversations around you quiet down as people tune in to hear what you have to say. 

You start to stand out. You establish yourself as an authority that people listen to. And you perfect the art of speaking into your dream client's life today to equip them for a better life tomorrow. 


By hiring a professional, you get the help you need to hone your message and set yourself up for that better tomorrow. It allows you to focus on what you do best AND present a completely branded, professional, and cohesive message online. And you'll also build up the content needed to show up again and again. 

Hiring a copywriter is not just for big businesses. It's for you and every entrepreneur with a different skillset. 

Think about it. Can you afford to wait? Someday will never come unless you start today.

If you’re ready, let’s jump on a call and talk about what you need. 

Email me at anna@theresidentwriter.com to book a call.