Who Are You Marketing To?

So you’re creating a brand new life for yourself as an online entrepreneur. And maybe it’s going okay—or maybe it’s not.

If you’re having trouble bringing in sales, I have some questions for you.

Are you showing up on your website and on social media? Are you putting your message out there?

If you are, then I have an even bigger question to ask:

Who are you talking to?

You should have a very clear idea of who your ideal client is. Every piece of copy that you write and every offer that you create should be for that person.

That person should have a name (in your head, at least). You should know what she likes to do for fun, where she spends her money. Is she single or married? Does she have kids?

All of these things will affect where, when, and how your ideal client engages and relates to your content. And more importantly, they will affect whether she is even attracted to your offer.

If you’re offering a service for single moms, don’t bother advertising it to women in general. Speak to your specific client group, and don’t bother with the rest.

Don’t waste your time or your money on messaging or ads that are all-inclusive. It’s not worth it!


I want you to spend the next twenty minutes thinking about your ideal client. Get a pad of paper and a pen (old school!) and start writing down what comes up for you. After covering the bases mentioned above, ask yourself:

  • What does she value?

  • What are her priorities?

  • What is she determined to have?

  • What is she struggling with?

  • How does she feel in the struggle?

  • How would she feel if her problems were solved?

The second part of this exercise is to take a good look at your messaging and marketing.

  • Who are you talking to? Is it the same person as your ideal client?

  • Are you being specific in your efforts to reach this group?

  • Are you touching on how they are feeling now (also called pain points) before you introduce your offer?

If not, it’s time to regroup and revise your messaging. Remember, I’m here to help. Send me an email at anna@theresidentwriter.com to start the conversation.