The 6 Copy Components of a Successful Service-Based Business Website

Is your website working for or against you? Think about what a loaded question this is.

The most important point of contact most clients will have with you as a business owner is your website. That’s just the reality of the twenty-first century. Even if someone finds you on social media first, the purpose of that medium is to drive people to your homebase online: your website. They’ll click on the link in your Instagram profile or just Google you to do their research before taking further steps toward working with you.


The question is: Is your online presentation helping you secure these potential clients or is it scaring them away?

First impressions are everything in the online space. A potential client will make a decision about your business within about five seconds. That’s why professionalism in terms of visuals and branding is so important. But equally vital is maintaining a positive impression throughout the client’s interaction with your brand:

  • If your visuals are great, but your copy is unconvincing, you’re going to lose the sale.

  • If your website is full of typos, the client is going to think this is a reflection of your professionalism in general and move on.

  • If you are missing one of the six components of a successful service-based business website, the client will notice. They might not realize exactly what’s missing, but the website will feel incomplete and it won’t be as effective for you.

Wait, what are the six components of a successful service-based business website? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

(1) Your Brand’s Story: This is typically found on an about page and sprinkled throughout the website. Whether you are a solopreneur or a team, it’s key to share your journey from where you started to where you are now. Clients want to see the success you’ve demonstrated with your own business, plus the adversity you’ve overcome—either personal or professional. Overcoming adversity shows that you know how to deal with tough situations and conflict, and it builds trust and confidence.

(2) Sales or Services Page: This may seem self explanatory, but the details of what to include are not. DO NOT just list your service, deliverables (aka what they are going to get), and your pricing. On top of these details, it’s absolutely necessary to tie in your (3) client transformation story. In other words, what is her journey going to look like when she hires you? How is her life going to change? This is the secret sauce to signing clients from copy alone. Create their dream destination in words, and say you’ll show them how to get there. Give them just enough details to be convinced.

On the same note, talk not just about the immediate benefit but also the (4) benefit of the benefit. I’ll explain. If you have a course teaching Facebook ads, the immediate benefit is that the client’s business will benefit from the client’s new knowledge of Facebook ads. However, the benefit of the benefit is what that will mean for his/her life. Will he be making more money? If so, will that mean he can take a vacation with his family? That she can spend more time with her kids? That she can go to a play on broadway with her significant other or (for us single ladies) a friend? Think the situation all the way through, and convey that benefit onto the page. Take the benefits long-term.

(5) Testimonials: Make sure you have testimonials or reviews somewhere on your website. Never underestimate the power of social proof today. It doesn’t matter if they’re buying a coffee maker or hiring a business coach, people read reviews. Have photos of the reviewer to go along with the quote, if you can. This makes it more personal and real.

(6) Blog. Blogs are great for business websites, because they cause you to update your website regularly. Google favors websites who update regularly. The content on blogs, which relates to your business, really helps your SEO just from keyword usage. Also, blogs establish you as an expert. Clients come to me and say that they were convinced to hire me because of the wisdom I shared in a blog post. It’s an opportunity to generate leads! Think about it.

I really want you to succeed as a service-based business, and one of the greatest services you can do for yourself is to get your website in order.

You may consider hiring a web designer or copywriter to help you. If you’re interested in help with your content, check out this post for some guidance: What’s It Like to Work With a Copywriter?