A New Direction

Dear Readers,

I'm writing this letter to you because we're on a journey together. And I owe it to you to tell you that my destination has changed. And I am very excited about the new direction!


As The Resident Writer, I’m moving from a place of serving only authors to serving creative entrepreneurs of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. I’ve worked with coaches and am now shifting The Resident Writer towards helping other entrepreneurs create captivating copy for their business endeavors, tying my blogging into my services by offering practical tips and how-tos. 

There will still be posts about writing. However, the content will be about how to create copy and social media as a business to promote your products and services, create engagement, and thrive as an entrepreneur by developing your voice and sharing it with the world.

I realize that means some of you will be saying goodbye, as my content will no longer be relevant to you. Thank you for being one of the first readers of The Resident Writer. I appreciate you!

I hope some of you will stick around and see what I have to offer, as being an author is a business. You are putting a book into the world and the marketing is now your responsibility. I hope you'll continue to allow me to be part of your story. Stay tuned!

Ta-ta for now!

Anna, The Resident Writer