Why Your Brand's Voice Should Be Personal and Authentic

Many creative entrepreneurs are plagued by the same ever-present fear: My offering isn’t unique. Why would anyone buy from me?

Maybe you think someone is already doing it way better than you ever could—and they’re really good at it. You’re just starting out. You’ve even had the thought: Why should I bother trying?

The answer is: There’s something special that sets you apart and makes your offering different. That something is YOU!


You’re one-of-a-kind, my friend. There’s no one else even close! Your vision, your creativity, your ideas, your message—it’s all 100 percent you. And it’s all conveyed through your brand’s VOICE.

As a small business owner, your voice is how you stand out from the crowd amid a sea of others who are plain ‘ole vanilla. Be strawberry, for goodness sake!

The truth is people buy people. If the product or offering is the same, the consumer is going to go with the person who feels trustworthy and who attracts them the most.

That’s why it’s so important to use your voice to convey your personality. Be authentic so that you’ll attract dream clients who want to work with YOU—not some staid robot of a businessperson who writes like she’s writing a freshman English paper.

Your voice is what makes you REAL to your clients. As a small business owner, this is critical to your success. It’s contributes to the “know, like, and trust factor” you need to build to get clients—ANY clients.

The same voice—your authentic brand voice—should be used in all of your copywriting. From your social media to your marketing to your blog, people need to find the same you.

If your Instagram profile is all about cats and cussing and your Facebook Business Page is overly professional, there’s a huge disconnect. Who are you? Your branding is a mess. It looks like you have no idea what you’re doing. A mix of personal and professional on social media—as long as it’s appropriate—is okay, but it should be done VERY CAREFULLY.

Here’s an exercise to do with the copy you create to make sure that it’s meeting the criteria of personal and authentic:

  1. Read your copy out loud.

  2. Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Am I writing like I talk? (Ex: Using contractions, injecting some personality, etc.)

    2. Am I using helpful illustrations?

    3. Is this consistent with my message? Or am I getting off topic?

    4. Is this copy moving me toward one of my goals? (Ex: Increased engagement on social media, increased sales numbers, etc.)

  3. Is this copy polished? Have I taken the time to edit it? If not, do so now.

Once your copy passes the test, go ahead and post it. Watch your reach grow as you build an authentic and personal brand through a voice that’s all your own.

Remember, your brand’s voice is not just how you convey your message. It’s literally who you are to the world.

Your voice is how you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your offering.

As a creative entrepreneur, your voice should be consistent, authentic, and personal. Your voice is what makes you a real person. Be genuine. That will attract your dream clients and, as a result, create opportunities to do the work you love.

Make sure your brand voice is YOUR voice. Be true to yourself. Your future clients—and future you—will thank you for it.