Two Advertising Copy Angles That Actually Work

The world of product marketing can get pretty repetitive. You’ve probably read the same bland product ad campaign over and over again throughout your life by the Targets and Walmarts of the world. True, the actual item changes, but, essentially, it goes something like this:

SALE! This [insert product here] will [do the thing it does] better than any other brand! It’s [free of this] and contains [special element that makes it unique]. Order your [item] now!

Pretty boring, right?

It’s doesn’t seem to take much effort, and it’s working for Tar-jay. Yet . . . as a small or growing brand, you have an amazing opportunity here with your copy.

People love smaller brands for the limited edition status, for the quality, for the local appeal, or for the unique item.

And that’s where copy (along with a great product picture) become incredibly important!

You should be playing up this angle with your ads.

Where, you ask? Well, EVERYWHERE: TV spots, radio ads, email campaigns, marketing initiatives, and places like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and your own website.

I want to challenge you to think beyond the basic when you create your ad campaign.

Look to your brand messaging . . .

  • What’s your product’s story?

  • Who’s your target market?

  • What’s your angle?

  • What’s your hook?* THIS IS KEY!!!


KEY POINT: Listen Up!

The most powerful angles for copy are EMOTION and HUMOR.

Seriously, some people will always wait for the sales. But your bread-and-butter customers are created from a solid campaign from emotion-driven copy. Start with a need your customers feel. Tie it into an emotional or humorous hook. And sell the story!


Emotion works the best, but not every product can pull it off.

So, use your best judgment.

Remember: Humor can go where emotion can’t.

For emotion-driven copy: Tug on those heartstrings and don’t be afraid to get a little personal. Emotion-driven copy can take the long road to the sale.

For humorous hooks: Hit that funny bone, and get a laugh. Make it clever, make it cute, and, for goodness sake, make it quick. Get to the punch line already.

I want to see what you’re working on! What questions do you have about advertising copy? Let me know in the comments!