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The 6 Copy Components of a Successful Service-Based Business Website

Is your website working for or against you? Think about what a loaded question this is. The most important point of contact most clients will have with you as a business owner is your website. That’s just the reality of the twenty-first century. Even if someone finds you on social media first, the purpose of that medium is to drive people to your homebase online: your website. They’ll click on the link in your Instagram profile or just Google you to do their research before taking further steps toward working with you.

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Don't Make These Big Mistakes on Your Sales Page!

A sales page is the toughest piece of copy to write for your business. There's so much pressure! If you get it wrong, your business will literally flop.

But getting it right will set you up for success! And I mean big time. Like, living the life of your dreams traveling the world kind of success. It’s possible. There is no ceiling for online business owners.

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