Why Connection Is the Most Powerful Form of Persuasion

The whole objective of selling is to persuade someone to buy, correct? Rather than the traditional model of selling (aka facts and urgency), I believe the most powerful form of persuasion in copywriting today is connection.

We live in a digital age. People are marketed to at every hour of the day through social media, television, radio, the list goes on and on. Quite frankly, people get tired of being advertised to.

That’s why I’m such a passionate proponent of selling through storytelling, and that kind of selling is all about CONNECTION.


Think about it. What makes you press buy these days? Let's look at a couple of scenarios.

Here’s a product-based business scenario:

Which salesperson is going to reach the average mom?

Is it the salesman who lists off all the ingredients and is in your face in the aisle of the mall, pushing his miracle stretch mark cream? No, he likely makes you feel a little embarrassed and maybe even accused.

Much more effective is the connection approach of the Instagram influencer, who feels like a friend as she shares the product she adores for getting rid of her baby stretch marks. (Cute baby pics are a bonus.) Just take a look at @JennaKutcher. My gosh, that woman is a master at selling through story.

Which product is the mom more likely to purchase?

Definitely the influencer’s product.

In the services industry, the best sales pages are all about connection.

Most successful sales pages start with the potential client’s felt need and check in with the client along the way with some version of key phrases like, “can you imagine . . .” and “what would it feel like to. . . .”

You’re creating a connection with the reader here! You want that potential client to read your sales page and say, “that’s me!” This was created just for me.

Pulling It All Together

When you establish a connection, you build trust with the reader by showing them that you understand them, which is key for selling through storytelling. You need to show the potential buyer that you get where they are now—better yet, that you’ve been where they are now.

The best way to sell as a personal brand is to share your journey, and explain how a product or a program worked for you. Hook them by getting them to connect with the scenario, and then reel them in with the solution you're offering.

Emphasizing connection in your copywriting is selling without the yucky stuff. It’s selling built on our human desire for connection. Selling based on helping others. Selling based on service.

What do you think? Do you agree with that you can sell more with copy that connects? Let me know in the comments.

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