Don't Make These Big Mistakes on Your Sales Page!

A sales page is the toughest piece of copy to write for your business. There's so much pressure! If you get it wrong, your business will literally flop.

But getting it right will set you up for success! And I mean big time. Like, living the life of your dreams traveling the world kind of success. It’s possible. There is no ceiling for online business owners.

I digress. Back to the nitty-gritty: your sales page. It’s kind of a nightmare to even think about writing it yourself. But just in case you do, I’ve decided to help you out, because I’m cool like that.

Today I’m sharing the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on their sales pages AND how to fix them.


 I see sales pages done the wrong way all the time. So many business owners think they are doing right by the customer by keeping their sales pages short and to the point—just listing the deliverables and the price.

This is a HUGE mistake!

If your offer requires an investment level of over $500, you need to have a BOSS sales page that lays it ALL out on the table—from where your client is now to where they want to be—and everything in between.

Even if your product retails for less than that, there’s the hipster variable to consider. People don’t just want any old product listing nowadays. They want a mood-setting, high-vibing, hipster chic delivery that creates an atmosphere. Don’t disappoint!

Here’s the thing about just listing your deliverables: People want to buy the destination, not the journey. They're after the dream.

You need to paint a picture of how your offer is going to transform your client's life for the better.

Do you sell a service that's going to save her time and give her back the moments that matter with her family?

Or do you offer a product that will make her feel like the best, most beautiful version of herself?

Of course you're going to list the elements of your offer, but don't leave out the BENEFITS and the TRANSFORMATION!

Mini-rant time: It's okay if your sales page is long. REALLY. You need to get over this fear. The thing about doing business online is that people don’t know you. Your sales page—your entire website—is your only chance to present yourself to your potential clients.

Convince them that you and your offer are worth their time with storytelling copy that captivates and converts.

Your sales page shouldn’t just list your offer. It should tell the story of how it will impact your client's life. And it’s okay to take some of her time to show her how to reach her dreams. She won’t find that an inconvenience.

For a sample sales page, take a look at the one I just created: Start Your Next Chapter: A Copywriting Bundle for Female Entrepreneurs