Want More Engagement on Social Media? Here's the Secret.

So you’re posting on social media regularly, but you’re not seeing results. It seems like your message isn’t connecting. Something is off.

My top tip for you for creating more engagement on your social media accounts is:


Take a look at my Instagram @theresidentwriter. Most of what you see is value posting!

Too many people make the mistake of sharing only business wins and events. What about your clients, though?

What pains them, emotionally or financially? What are they really struggling with?

People want to know that you understand. They want to know that you have what they need. Show them that by speaking to exactly what’s going on in their lives.

Think about your dream client, not just who is currently following you. Attract the people you want to work with by getting inside their head and discovering what makes them tick.

Once you start posting on truly relevant topics and speaking directly to your clients, you’re going to see a big shift in engagement. It may take some time, but we all know the turtle won the race in the end.

Posting at least three times with pure value (no pitching) per sales post is crucial to warming up cold followers and turning them into leads.

When you’ve shared enough value, add a soft pitch post in the mix for your services.

Don’t be surprised if you get more responses or even leads from the pure value posts. I know I do.

For example, last week I posted something that really resonated with a follower. Even though the post itself had nothing to do with sales, she emailed me directly. She started by sharing how the post spoke to her and then asked if we could discuss working together!

It was fantastic, and it’s not the first time it’s happened to me.

Always remember: People buy people, not products.


Create content that your client will take one look at and say, “Yeah, that’s so me!”

And if you need help with your messaging, I’m always here. Just shoot me an email at anna@theresidentwriter.com to get started!