Captivating Copywriting for Female Entrepreneurs

Start Your Next Chapter

A Copywriting Bundle for Female Entrepreneurs

You’re a female entrepreneur who is passionate about the service or product she provides to the world. You decided to build your own business—to write your own story—because you wanted more independence and financial freedom. But right now, it’s not happening, because, well, you’re having trouble doing the writing. You may have just started your business and are trying to find your voice, or you’re ready for a complete copywriting overhaul because you aren’t connecting with your clients.



  • Clarify your message to reach your dream clients

  • Captivate potential clients with your brand’s amazing story

  • Connect with clients through automation that means smooth sailing for you

  • Capture sales from ideal clients who are dying to work with you

It’s all possible with Start Your Next Chapter: A Copywriting Bundle for Female Entrepreneurs. I’ll show you how!


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I created Start Your Next Chapter: A Copywriting Bundle for Female Entrepreneurs when I realized that so many female entrepreneurs were struggling with telling their story, conveying their message, and contacting their clients.

These female entrepreneurs would try to look for answers in the latest book on marketing, thinking that was their problem. Don’t get me wrong, marketing is important! But if you don’t know what your message is or aren’t conveying it clearly, there’s really no use in marketing at all.

I’ve been copywriting for six years, and I’ve found the solution! Here’s how doing my own copywriting for my business—and other clients—has positively impacted my life:

As a twenty-nine-year-old copywriter working a 9-5, I was steadily going downhill in my career—and my life. You see, I have several chronic illnesses. And that 9-5 life just wasn’t working. I missed too much work. Stress only aggravated my conditions. Things were spiraling out of control. UNTIL I woke up and realized that now was the time to make my someday-dream of launching my own business a reality. Because this life I was living wasn’t sustainable for much longer.

I launched The Resident Writer, left my 9-5, and haven’t looked back. With my practical experience, I had all the tools I needed to create my own systems, and, honestly, it’s been better than I ever dreamed it could be.

I’ve also paid my dues and done my training. I’ve hired coaches, gone through several business and branding programs, watched every webinar you can find, and read ALL THE BOOKS.

Trust me, Start Your Next Chapter: A Copywriting Bundle for Female Entrepreneurs is the way to turn the page and begin the life you want to be living like a boss!

“Anna is a magician with words. She can take a very loose brief and dial in to what you want and speak directly to your ideal client. Grab the opportunity to work with her with both hands before she is fully booked.”




  • You fill out an extensive questionnaire that tells me about your brand, your story, and your business

  • We have a 60-minute consultation, during which I familiarize myself with your voice and we discuss your message further

  • You receive the following done-for-you copy pieces within the contracted timeframe, which are specifically created for you and your business

    • About Me Page

    • Sales Page

    • Lead Magnet

    • Welcome Email Sequence for Automation

  • You have the option to pursue up to 3 batch edits

Oh, wait, there’s more! You’ll also get these awesome bonuses!

  • Blogging for Business – Video Training (Value: $197)

  • Facebook Ad Copy Checklist (Value: $17)


  • Increased confidence as a creative entrepreneur—you’re rocking it now and you know it!

  • Professionalism in your online presentation with polished, error-free copy—totally boss!

  • More sales to reach toward your goals—yes, please!

  • Independence through your business—can I get an amen?

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“We truly couldn't be any happier with the copy! We launched the new brand and website last month! I'm still in awe with our final product! The same week we launched we had two ideal Brides contact us! I really can't say enough! For the first time, I have a website full of our work and copy that I am so proud of!”

~ Christina chapman Photography


Here are a few things that my clients ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got more questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

FAQ #1: Don’t I have to do my own copywriting? How will you “be me?”

Our 60-minute consult will be our chance to get to know each other and my opportunity to learn your voice. This, combined with an extensive questionnaire, helps me get clear on your brand, your story, and your top offer. We’ll discuss things like tone, slang or favorite phrases of yours, and the style in which you want to communicate with your clients. We’ll establish a voice that you can continue to use once our time is done. You’ll even have your website and welcome sequence as a guideline for your copywriting, which is an added bonus!

FAQ #2: What happens if the copy isn't resonating with me? Can I request edits?

Yes, a generous number of content edits come with the package. The copy will be error-free in terms of grammar. If you feel that the copy is misrepresenting you or your service or product, I offer up to 3 batches of edits. This means that you can request edits three times. By "batches" I mean the request can include more than one edit as long as they are included in the same email. Any changes beyond that will be yours to make on your own time. However, I am confident that we can work together to make sure you're completely satisfied within those three batches of edits—if not before!

FAQ #3: Since you are creating the copy, will it legally be mine or yours?

YOURS! I work as a consultant and freelancer. It’s part of my contract that you retain the rights to all copy created by me and can do what you like with it. It’s officially your intellectual property.

Your next chapter is just one click away.  Don’t wait another second to turn the page! Achieve independence and success by telling a story that will keep clients coming back for more.