My Favorite Branding Exercise

When most people think about branding, they think about design. I don’t. A whole lot of work needs to be done before you get to the brand look. You need to look inside and really understand your brand and your story before you can think about choosing a logo or colors.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What characterizes you as a brand?

What makes you different from others with the same services?

How do you want people to feel when they encounter your brand?

What impression do you want to leave?

What is your signature style?

What tone do you want to convey?


In order to answer these questions, I use a simple exercise with all of my clients:
I challenge them to describe their brand for me in five words.

Everyone tells me this is the hardest question on my intake form. And, you know what, it is hard. It makes you sit down and think. And it’s SO important to take the time and brainstorm on this.

As a copywriter who does mostly websites, these five words influence how I write in a big way. The same will be said by your designer, if they are lucky enough to receive the information

Brands are more than a representation of who you are. Brands are about making an impression: How you look, how you talk, and the gut feeling someone gets when the encounter you.

Make sure to get it right.

I’d love to hear your five words in the comments below!

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